Learning Programs


Bush Kinder

Our centre is located in a beautiful setting surrounded by many reserves and parks which are easily accessible. We have taken this as an opportunity and take our children on regular walks.
This includes the babies in the nursery room, toddler children, Junior Kinder and Kinder children.

We ensure that parent permission is obtained initially and that risk minimisation plans are completed before taking the children on these mini excursions, to ensure safety for the children and the educators.

Kinder Program

Our kinder program runs five days a week from 9am to 4.30pm, by two qualified Bachelor trained Early Childhood Professionals.
We have an Emergent Curriculum which is focussed on the child and their interests. Play based learning is the basis for our curriculum.
Each week, we focus on an intentional teaching topic to scaffold children’s learning in that particular area. E.g: Identifying 2D and 3D shapes, Health and nutrition, Sustainability, Road safety, Nocturnal animals etc.
Regular excursions to parkland around the Kinder are a very popular activity.
We offer a range of activities and experiences each week. These include STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)
Preparing children for primary school.
We believe that a child should be emotionally and socially ready before they start school. Turn taking, sharing, co-operation, independence, problem solving, being empathetic towards others are all important traits that we learn in our kinder. In addition, pre-literacy and Pre-numeracy skills are also practiced daily in the curriculum.
At the end of the four years old kinder year, we organise visits to local primary schools, to support the children’s transition to ‘the big school’ from kinder.
We also organise incursions once a term (four a year) from the Melbourne museum- Outreach program, Responsible pet ownership program, dentist visits, visits from the Bulleen librarian to name a few.
Once a year, we have a big excursion! In the past, the venues have been, Bundoora Park, Kew Traffic school, Edendale Farm, Essendon Traffic school. We hire a coach to and from these venues which is the highlight of the year for the kinder children, and of course the educators!

Play Based Learning Program

We believe that playing is the basic instinct of kids and therefore learning through playing is more natural and effective than any other designated program. Our programs blend joy, exploration and nurture together for children from different ages so that they can discover the undiscovered, take risks when facing challenges, and find their own ways to solve a problem.

The Early Years Learning Framework

Our programs are complying with principal of “Belonging, Being and Becoming” of The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) of Australia. The framework is a key component of the National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care. It was developed by the Australian and state and territory governments with inputs from the early childhood sector and academics. It also concretes the foundation of principles, practices and outcomes which are critical to the early childhood education learning programs to ensure all kids are experiencing quality of learning.


We incorporated QKeYLM program with our daily management of all the kids. Parents can access to their children’s document, photos and artwork via QKeYLM’s portal. With the use of mobile device, parents can understand the growth and learning of their children anywhere any time.

Hey Dee Ho Music

Hey Dee Ho Music is a unique learning experience for children and it presents the musical concepts of beat, rhythm, temp, pitch and dynamics to the kids. The program includes a wide range of songs and musical activities, and children can produce music themselves on non-tuned percussion instruments. Through various activities, children can be exposed to a broad musical experience in a structured program appropriate to their age group where many basic components of child development such as cognitive development, spatial awareness, imaginative play, listening skills and turn taking are involved.

Rhythm and Moves

Rhythm and Moves is an interactive music program for pre-school children with a blend of fun and learning. With the basic percussion instrusments and group song writing, it gives the pre-schoolers interactive hands on experience that will enhance fine motor skills, group activity participation, self-confidence, as well as singing and dancing coordination.